At Hayward & Green we are committed to being a responsible employer. We respect those we do business with and make sure that everyone involved with us is treated honestly and fairly.

As a member of the aviation community we are aware of our responsibilities in terms of climate change, and acknowledge that we are part of the problem. We have recently set up a business unit devoted to the issue and are seeking out more ways of participating in the conversation. We have embarked on a series of changes throughout 2020 aimed at reducing our carbon footprint.

Changes we’ve made

Where we can, we are making changes. At our West Sussex HQ we have largely eliminated single use plastic and all our packaging is fully recycled and recyclable. No more bubble wrap!

We have recently planted 75 trees and are exploring several new major projects which will make our HQ as Green as it can possible be.

In terms of operations, we have electrical charging points for cars on site and carbon offset all Director air travel. As for the literal nuts and bolts of our business, some 90% of commercial parts we supply are to the latest, most fuel efficient aircraft. All of this contributes to our overarching aim – a greener Hayward & Green.


Corporate Giving

Our current charity of the year is The Martlet’s Hospice; a team from H&G recently completed the i360 drop, abseiling 450ft at night above Brighton seafront and raising over £1000 in the process.

Other charities we have supported in recent years include Help for HeroesRoyal Marines Commando TrustBritish Legion; we are proud sponsors of the Aviation Club of the UK as well as our local Preston Nomads Cricket Club and have also supported the Bournemouth Aviation Museum, who have a Jaguar, a HS 125 (ex Queen’s Flight) and an ex royal Navy Jetstream 31 on permanent loan.