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Established in 1969, Hayward and Green was founded with the goal of providing a cost-effective, swift and reliable supply of avionics and aircraft instrumentation material and support to airlines and governments worldwide. Today our engineering business operations span over 35 countries and our supply chain support encompasses over 30 platforms. Our product portfolio ranges from nuts, bolts and washers to complete aircraft, major LRUs and both jet and turbine engines.

We stock over 400,000 lines of inventory at our Sussex headquarters and five remote warehouse sites in the UK and the USA. Our commercial parts inventory is valued at over $10m and supplements our various OEM, Approved Reseller and Distributor lines of material. View our current line-card here.

We perform in-house aircraft and engine teardown with our dedicated team of engineers. This is in addition to operating our own aircraft when required.

Our technical data library encompasses IPCs, CMMs and APs for the majority of regional and narrow body aircraft operated within the last 30 years.

We specialise in material and technical support of legacy aircraft and their systems. Additional services provided include repair management, project management, consignment and end-of-life parts support and recovery.

All facets of our business are tailored towards keeping your aircraft operational and airworthy.

Our Inventory

Our current inventory includes Airframe, Engines, Avionics, Components and Rotables, Consumables and piece parts. Current OEM parts in stock include:-