What Support Can We Offer Fixed Wing Military Aircraft Operators?

We are a virtual air force logistics hub offering complete fixed wing military aircraft support. With parts certified by the OEM or an OEM-approved shop at the heart of our business, our customers can expect the highest quality assurance levels at all times. Over 70% of our total stock holding is made up of military aircraft parts, allowing us to offer specialised parts to defence aircraft operators the world over.

We source inventory directly from the UK Ministry of Defence as well as the MoDs of many NATO partner governments. This includes buying complete aircraft and engines which our engineers tear down in-house at our West Sussex facility.

Which Platforms Do We Support?

We are primarily focussed on supporting military aircraft that have been operated by the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy and partners overseas. We support the following military aircraft and (engines):

  • Hawk (Adour)
  • Tornado (RB199)
  • Typhoon (EJ200)
  • T-45 Goshawk (F405-RR-401)
  • Harrier (Pegasus)
  • AV8B Harrier
  • A330 MRTT Air Tanker
  • E-3 Sentry AWACS (CFM56)
  • C-130H (T-56)
  • C130J (AE3007)
  • KC135
  • B707
  • Jetstream 31
  • SEPECAT Jaguar (Adour MK104 and MK106)
  • L-1011 TriStar (RB211)