We cover over 80% of the components on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. This capability stems from our own strategic inventory acquisitions, teardowns, OEM Stocks and distributed material. H&G are ready to service your routine, critical and AOG material requirements at any time.

H&G directly support many EMEA based A320 operators, lessors, MRO facilities, PBH service providers, brokers and other stockists from our UK and US Inventory pools.

We have recently invested in the latest generation of the A320 aircraft the A320neo. Please contact sales@haywardandgreen.com to find out more about our A320neo inventory. We are currently on the lookout for more material for this aircraft type. If you have Airbus A320 family inventory to sell or consign, please contact us at sales@haywardandgreen.com.

A320 Programs


When we tear down an aircraft, we harvest as many recoverable parts as we can. This includes flying surfaces, cowlings, ducts and fairings to name but a few of the less popular and harder to store components. We hold existing relationships with various OEMs and MROs who have the capability to re-certify and release many metal and composite surfaces for continued service.


Over 25% of our stock holding is engine material, the majority is hot section and engine accessories. We have in-house capability to tear down many smaller turbine and jet engines. Our warehouse is designed to be able to handle everything up to a Trent 900. We stock and distribute parts for the following engine types:

  • GE90
  • CF6
  • CFM56
  • V2500
  • RB211
  • PW120 Series
  • TFE731
  • CT7
  • TPE33
  • RR250

Our APU capability is extensive with parts for the following APUs supported from inventory:

  • APS3200 – in use on the Airbus A320 Family aircraft
  • APS2300 – in use on Embraer E190 and E170 series aircraft
  • APS2600 – the latest regional jet APU system in service today, selected by Mitsubishi for the MRJ and Comac’s ARJ21 in addition to Embraer’s E-Jet E2
  • APS5000 – the world’s first all-electric APU developing 450kVA, in use on the B787 Dreamliner

PW901A/C – in use on the Boeing B747-400 series aircraft and Boeing B747-8 respectively


H&G was founded by an avionics engineer back in 1969. As a result electrical systems, cockpit displays, navigation systems, instruments, indicators, antennas, altimeters and so on, have been at the centre of our business ever since. We provide everything from technical support, obsolescence services and LRU teardown, through to cockpit upgrades to altimeters, transponders, dials, connectors, gears and electrical chassis. We provide state of the art Glass Cockpit and EFIS Exchange programmes, AHARS, TCAS, RVSM, TAWS, FMS, CVR, FDR, Gyroscopes, Autopilot and ADIRUs, all drawn from our UK stock of avionics material and expertise. We stock and distribute LRUs and spares from the following manufacturers:

  • Rockwell Collins
  • Honeywell
  • Universal Avionics
  • Raytheon
  • Thales
  • Garmin
  • L3 Avionics
  • Cobham
  • Bendix King
  • Gables
  • Becker

H&G offer a complete sale, loan and exchange pool on the EFI890R Advanced Flight Display manufactured by Universal Avionics. EFI-890R is a forward-fit application in over 40 aircraft types. It is certified for a full range of platforms, meeting certification requirements for Part 23, 25, 27 and 29 operators worldwide. These aircraft include the Boeing B737-300/400, Bombardier Dash 8-100/200/300 and Q400 series, Saab 340B and Saab 340B+, ATR72, Falcon 900 Business Jet, King Air B200, Casa 212 and Dornier 228. In addition to the MFDs, we also carry inventory for the FMS, DCU, EIU and RCU elements of the system.


Working with manufacturers such as Honeywell (formerly Normalair Garrett), Nord-Micro and Eaton Aerospace and in connection with our over 40 teardowns carried out in the past 10 years, H&G stock a wide range of LRUs and spare parts for the aircraft on-board Air conditioning and cabin pressurization systems.


H&G stock a wide range of aircraft antennas manufactured by the following OEMs:

  • Rockwell Collins
  • Honeywell
  • HR Smith
  • Chelton
  • Dayton Grainger
  • Dorne Margolin

Our inventory covers many aircraft systems that require antennas such as ADF, TCAS, SATCOM, VHF and UHF.

Both rotary and fixed wing ELT and PLBs are covered with agreements in place with manufacturers such as:

  • HR Smith
  • Techtest
  • Kannad
  • Serpe
  • Artex

We carry inventory of the complete ELT and PLB unit and also the batteries and kits required for fitment of the ELT to the aircraft.

H&G can also code your ELT to any aircraft designation within the COSPAS SARSAT system.


H&G can offer spares support against cabin wear and tear. Our products include:

  • Latches
  • Pax Seats
  • Covers
  • Cameras
  • Doors (Cockpit and other)
  • Trim
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Ballasts
  • Bins
  • Handsets
  • Intercom
  • Crew Seats
  • Coffee Makers
  • Water Boilers
  • Trash Compactors
  • Ovens
  • Air Chillers

And when it comes to the galley, our stocking agreements with manufacturers such as Sell, Zodiac, Diehl, Aerolux and Iacobucci ensure guaranteed availability of food and drink to your customers. We also have an extensive repair management capability on the rotable products within the aircraft cabin environment.


One of our core capabilities lies in aircraft power generation. Our rotable inventory includes Generators, Starter Generators, IDGs, APUs, APU Starters and associated spares parts for these systems such as brush kits, rings, coils, stators and housings via our relationship with three of the largest OEMs for this material in the world – Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Safran (formerly Goodrich Power Systems).

And as aircraft consume more power than ever, H&G stock many operationally critical battery types including ELT, Standby and Main


The proliferation of aircraft power and battery concentration on board brings with it a potential increased hazard of electrical fire. H&G stock a wide range of fire detectors, fire bottles, cabin and cockpit fire extinguishers and engine fire harnesses manufactured by Kidde Graviner and Zodiac Aerospace.


Having torn down numerous airframes and engines, H&G have extensive knowledge of aircraft hydraulic and actuation systems. We support parts for Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, BAE, Systems, Hawker, Saab, Airbus Helicopters and Agusta platforms, both from stock and OEM distribution lines. Our inventory of hydraulic and actuation systems is supported by OEM repairs and factory new parts from manufacturers such as Eaton Aerospace, Honeywell, UTAS Actuation Systems, GE Aviation and Parker Hannifin.



Having been trading aircraft for nearly 50 years, H&G’s stock of general aircraft consumable material is vast. Ranging from nuts, bolts, washers, O rings, shims and pins to the latest fibre optic connector solutions,we provide product from stock and distribution from manufactures such as Amphenol, Souriau, Radiall, Deutsch, Cinch, Glenair and ITT Cannon.


We are appointed distributors for Sennheiser, Peltor 3M and Clement Clarke Communications, providing a complete range of fixed wing, rotary and ground mechanic headsets. These headsets are used in all Airbus and Boeing classic and next generation aircraft and we can also repair and offer a full exchange and warranty service on all existing Sennhesier and Peltor models. Should you require an alternate headset, we also support David Clarke, Telex and Bose units for both sales and repairs. We specialise in volume orders for airline fleet requirements


Internal and external, filament and LED, H&G stocks a range of aircraft lights and accompanying systems. From manufacturers such as Honeywell Grimes, Goodrich Hella and Zodiac Aerospace, we stock lighting bulbs, elements, assemblies, power supplies and housings for Airbus A320, A320neo, Boeing B737NG, B777, Embraer E190 and E170 aircraft. Our lighting product range includes, Landing Lights, Upper and Lower rotating beacons, Logo lights, Strobe lights and Wing Tip lighting. We also offer technical advice on upgrading your aircraft to the latest standard of LED lighting for increased MTBF rates and greater aircraft availability.



We stock Oxygen and Safety Equipment applicable to both internal and external systems on the aircraft, covering both aircraft and passenger safety. These products include PBEs, Smoke Hoods, Fire Extinguishers, Slides and Slide Spares, Engine Fire Bottles, Fire Detection and Oxygen Bottles. We work closely with various OEMs at the forefront of aircraft safety systems including Zodiac Aerospace, Kidde Graviner (UTAS) and BE Aerospace.


In close co-operation with the OEM UTAS (formerly Rosemount), one of our core product offerings to the operator is our in-stock range of OAT Sensors, Pitot Probes, Smart Probes, TAT Sensors and Ice Detectors. This equipment is standard fit across much of the Airbus and Boeing narrow and wide body fleet in service today, and we currently support various operators throughout EMEA for their AOG and critical fleet requirements as these are generally ‘No-Go’ items. Whilst we primarily recommend the performance and warranty benefits of our Factory New stock, we also stock Serviceable material, offering you a complete solution.


We stock a range of Zodiac Aerospace equipment applicable to the water and waste functions on-board aircraft. Our stock includes Bins, Valves, Motors and Pumps applicable primarily to the Airbus and Boeing narrow body fleet of next generation aircraft.


H&G have exchange, loan and outright sale availability for both rotary and fixed wing cockpit windows and passenger windows. We use various MROs to test windows from aircraft that we have parted out, and also supply new windshields via our OEM relationships with Saint Gobain, PPG Aerospace and GKN Aerospace. Depending on the windshield damage we also have an established vendor network capable of repairing most windshield damage.


Through our partnership with Conidia Bioscience, H&G have been selected as a distributor of their FUELSTAT® fuel testing range of products. FUELSTAT® resinae leads the field in the Airline sector. The most recent addition to our product range, FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS is growing rapidly. Both are endorsed with IATA recommendation and inclusion in the Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, BAE Systems, Fokker and Raytheon maintenance manuals.


Although not a flying aircraft part, H&G still provide support for test equipment used on the ramp and in the hangar to set up the aircraft for flight. Our inventory ranges from Pitot Static to NAV and ATC/DME Testing. We have existing relationships and stock inventory from Aeroflex, GE Sensing and also more recently ATEQ.

A320 Tailored System Support


H&G are proud to support and maintain an LRU pool of both Transceivers and Antennas for the Honeywell Primus 880, Commercial Aviation’s Most Powerful l Integrated RTA Weather Radar. The Primus 880 excels in all three weather radar performance categories: Pulse width, Transmitter power (10kW yields a class beating range) and Receiver sensitivity. Following teardown activities and tactical stock acquisition we have built a pool of equipment designed to support your executive, regional and commercial aircraft operations with a choice of flat plate arrays available.


The TCAS Change 7.1 Updates are designed to reduce the risk of possible mid-air collisions in the increasingly congested skies around the world. H&G hold stock of various systems manufactured by Honeywell, Rockwell Collins and ACSS. Please contact H&G to discuss how we can support your upgrade to ensure your aircraft remains fully compliant with TSO-C119c and ETSO-C119c, including both RTCA/DO-185B for TCAS II Change 7.1 and RTCA/DO-300 for Hybrid Surveillance.


H&G hold various manufacturer’s galley equipment in Stock in both New and Used (Serviceable or Overhauled) condition to keep your customers supplied with hot drinks and food. Supported from inventory including BE Aerospace, Sell, Zodiac, Aerolux and Iaccbucci products ensures that regardless of chosen fit on the aircraft we will have the inventory to support it both by loan, exchange and outright sale. We can also manage the repair of your core unit at the best possible price and in the shortest turn-around time.


H&G offer a full integrated support package on the A320 aircraft Cabin Outflow Valve system including guaranteed stock availability of the unit for loan, exchange and outright sale and also management of your off-coming core unit via our approved repair vendor program, getting the best possible price and TAT to support your fleet. The following part number are supported –

  • P/N 20790-01AA
  • P/N 20790-01AC
  • P/N 20790-02AB
  • P/N 20790-02AC
  • P/N 20790-03AC

H&G stock a full range of Emergency Locator Transmitters from manufacturers such as HR Smith, Techtest, Kannad, Artex and Serpe. With complete programming and re-programming capabilities both in-house and through our approved vendor network, we offer total support of the ELT system within the aircraft including batteries and fitting accessories. For a full range of part numbers and OEMs whom we stock ELTs, PLBs and CPIs please contact a member of our sales@haywardandgreen.com team.


H&G stock a range of Water Heaters for the Airbus and Boeing family of aircraft. Often a high cost repair item, we can offer both New and Serviceable exchange and outright sale on a wide range of products also applicable to many regional and business jets.


H&G have distributed Antennas on behalf of various manufacturers and for many aircraft types for over 25 years. We currently Stock material applicable to various Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ATR, Bombardier and BAE platforms manufactured by the likes of Chelton/Cobham, Dorne and Margolin, HR Smith/Techtest, Rockwell Collins and Honeywell. Please contact us for your exact antenna requirements.



H&G distribute and have repair capability for a full range of Commercial and Helicopter headsets. We are authorised distributors for Sennheiser, Peltor and Clement Clarke. We also stock David Clark, Telex and Bose headsets. Modifications are also part of our service for headsets that require a specific plug or connector. A full range of Ground Mechanic headset sis also available and our current customers include both Ryanair and British Airways.


H&G Specialise in the support of both Airbus and Boeing TAT Sensors, Ice Detectors and Pitot Probes with various UTAS Rosemount manufactured parts ready to go in our West Sussex inventory. If you would like to know more about our Sensor support packages, please contact a member of the sales team who would be happy to assist you. Currently supported products include –

  • Total Air Temperature Sensors for:
    BOEING B747, B737NG, B737 CLASSIC, B757, B767, B777
    AIRBUS A320, A330 and A340
  • Pitot Probes for:
    AIRBUS A319,A320, A321, A330 and A340
    BOEING B737NG, B767 and B777
  • Ice Detectors for:
    AIRBUS A320, A330 and A340
    BOEING B737NG and B777

H&G stock a range of Serviceable and Newly manufactured Fire Extinguishers for the Airbus A320 and Embraer E-Jet family of aircraft. We offer both exchange and outright sale and we can also handle the Overhaul of the core unit within our approved repair vendor network.