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Tailored System Support

Launched in 2014, Tailored System Support (TSS) gives the operator a bespoke spares and LRU support package. Tailored specifically to the operations and demand placed upon the airline’s operations and aligned with their desired inventory levels.

We achieve this by tailoring a system support Package aligned with our own workflows, incorporating stock management, legacy repair approvals, spares embodiment loans, LRU exchanges, volumized reduction of repair costs and guaranteed stock level commitments.

All tailored system support is carried out within our current approvals and in conjunction with either the OEM or an FAA/EASA Approved Repair Centre.

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Flight deck modernization with integrated Flat Panel Displays offers flexibility for installation as a stand-alone Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multi-Function Display (MFD), as well as a fully integrated PFD/Navigation Display (ND) cockpit system.

H&G hold a complete exchange pool of A109C, A109E Power Composite Main Rotor Blades at our West Sussex Facility. The blades are available for Outright sale, Loan and Exchange. All are freshly certified with a Fresh Serviceable Composite Technologies EASAF1 and freshly painted. The part numbers supported are as follows –

  • 709-0103-01-109
  • 709-0103-01-105
  • 709-0103-01-101

H&G maintain a pool of Electronic Display Units (EDUs) applicable to the A109E Power and A109S Grand model of helicopters. These are released with a Fresh Serviceable OEM FAA8130-3 Dual Release and include a full warranty from the manufacturer. The units are available for loan, exchange and outright sale and we can also manage the repair of your core during the period. Please contact us for more details on -

  • Electronic Display Unit
    P/N 109-0900-42-2A08
  • Electronic Display Unit
    P/N 109-0900-76-2A0
  • Electronic Display Unit
    P/N 109-0900-76-6A01

H&G maintain a pool of Electronic Display Units (EDUs) applicable to the A109E Power and A109S Grand model of helicopters. These are released with a Fresh Serviceable OEM FAA8130-3 Dual Release and include a full warranty from the manufacturer. The units are available for loan, exchange and outright sale and we can also manage the repair of your core during the period. Please contact us for more details on -

    P/N 109-0110-42-124
    P/N 109-0110-42-125
    P/N 109-0110-42-126
    P/N 109-0112-38-103

Aligned with Aircraft Power Generation, one of our core product offerings across all platforms, H&G hold stock to support the A109E Power Generators and the Generator Control Unit (GCU)

  • A109E Power and A109S Grand Starter Generators
    P/N 160SG136Q
    P/N 160SG137Q
    P/N 160SG138Q
    P/N 160SG139Q
  • A109C Starter Generator
  • A109E Power Generator Control Unit
    P/N GCSG505-28-1

H&G are proud to support and maintain an LRU pool of both Transceivers and Antennas for the Honeywell Primus 880, Commercial Aviation’s Most Powerful l Integrated RTA Weather Radar. The Primus 880 excels in all three weather radar performance categories: Pulse width, Transmitter power (10kW yields a class beating range) and Receiver sensitivity. Following teardown activities and tactical stock acquisition we have built a pool of equipment designed to support your executive, regional and commercial aircraft operations with a choice of flat plate arrays available.

The TCAS Change 7.1 Updates are designed to reduce the risk of possible mid-air collisions in the increasingly congested skies around the world. H&G hold stock of various systems manufactured by Honeywell, Rockwell Collins and ACSS. Please contact H&G to discuss how we can support your upgrade to ensure your aircraft remains fully compliant with TSO-C119c and ETSO-C119c, including both RTCA/DO-185B for TCAS II Change 7.1 and RTCA/DO-300 for Hybrid Surveillance.

H&G hold stock of New and Serviceable Ballscrews for the Boeing B737 range of aircraft. We can also offer PMA ballscrews through our supply chain network.

H&G hold various manufacturer’s galley equipment in Stock in both New and Used (Serviceable or Overhauled) condition to keep your customers supplied with hot drinks and food. Supported from inventory including BE Aerospace, Sell, Zodiac, Aerolux and Iaccbucci products ensures that regardless of chosen fit on the aircraft we will have the inventory to support it both by loan, exchange and outright sale. We can also manage the repair of your core unit at the best possible price and in the shortest turn-around time.

H&G hold stock around the clock on Embraer E190 E-Jet Sill Heaters and Drain Masts. High cost repairs often result in the unit being rendered BER and so H&G standby to supply you a New replacement unit from our West Sussex inventory. The following material is supported especially for our Tailored System Support customers –

  • P/N 19000-195 – DRAIN MAST
  • P/N 1013952-5 – HIGH STAGE BLEED VALVE
  • P/N 1013952-1 – HIGH STAGE BLEED VALVE
  • P/N 1001246-3 – HIGH STAGE BLEED VALVE
  • P/N 19000-305-1 – CONTROL CABLE
  • P/N 1002247-1 – SILL HEATER
  • P/N 1002248-2 – SILL HEATER

To the best of our knowledge, H&G are the only company globally stocking the Casa C295 Starter Generator manufactured by Thales. The unit is available for loan, exchange and outright sale and is located in our UK facility near to London Gatwick.

H&G offer a full integrated support package on the A320 aircraft Cabin Outflow Valve system including guaranteed stock availability of the unit for loan, exchange and outright sale and also management of your off-coming core unit via our approved repair vendor program, getting the best possible price and TAT to support your fleet. The following part number are supported –

  • P/N 20790-01AA
  • P/N 20790-01AC
  • P/N 20790-02AB
  • P/N 20790-02AC
  • P/N 20790-03AC

H&G stock a full range of Emergency Locator Transmitters from manufacturers such as HR Smith, Techtest, Kannad, Artex and Serpe. With complete programming and re-programming capabilities both in-house and through our approved vendor network, we offer total support of the ELT system within the aircraft including batteries and fitting accessories. For a full range of part numbers and OEMs whom we stock ELTs, PLBs and CPIs please contact a member of our team.

ELT Replacement Programme Brochure

One of H&G’s core product offerings is the Engine Fire Detection Harness on the Boeing B737NG family of aircraft. We guarantee Stock availability for this product at our West Sussex, UK warehouse with full OEM support where required. The following parts are supported on this programme –

HARNESS MW0326 340-406-902-0 325-027-603-0
HARNESS MW0325 340-406-902-0 325-027-503-0

We are proud to announce that Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd. has become the first distributor to stock the material required for embodiment of CFM SB 72-1010, that is:

  • 340-406-902-0 – 1 per engine
  • 340-406-902-0 – 1 per engine

Furthermore our installation kits include all the installation bushings for the new harness models (since they are also different from earlier models), so no additional spares or tooling will be required for the upgrade other than those required for a standard harness replacement.

We would be pleased to discuss retrofit options, material support and volume discounts for fleet requirements with your company, and look forward to your feedback.

H&G are one of the first companies in the world to be stocking the HR Smith-Techtest manufactured Crash Position Indicators or CPIs. The unit also has fitted the Beacon Release Unit which jettison’s away from the aircraft in the event of a crash. We also stock batteries and can repair via our relationship with the OEM your core unit if an exchange or loan is required.

H&G stock a range of Water Heaters for the Airbus and Boeing family of aircraft. Often a high cost repair item, we can offer both New and Serviceable exchange and outright sale on a wide range of products also applicable to many regional and business jets.

H&G are approved to handle various Personal Breathing Equipment (PBEs) and Smoke Hoods essential for the safe operation of your aircraft. Primarily focussed on the B737NG, B777 and B787 New Generation products, we can also offer emergency breathing equipment for Airbus family and various Executive jet and regional applications. For a complete list of our Emergency Oxygen and Breathing products, please contact

H&G have distributed Antennas on behalf of various manufacturers and for many aircraft types for over 25 years. We currently Stock material applicable to various Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ATR, Bombardier and BAE platforms manufactured by the likes of Chelton/Cobham, Dorne and Margolin, HR Smith/Techtest, Rockwell Collins and Honeywell. Please contact us for your exact antenna requirements.

H&G distribute and have repair capability for a full range of Commercial and Helicopter headsets. We are authorised distributors for Sennheiser, Peltor and Clement Clarke. We also stock David Clark, Telex and Bose headsets. Modifications are also part of our service for headsets that require a specific plug or connector. A full range of Ground Mechanic headset sis also available and our current customers include both Ryanair and British Airways.

H&G Specialise in the support of both Airbus and Boeing TAT Sensors, Ice Detectors and Pitot Probes with various UTAS Rosemount manufactured parts ready to go in our West Sussex inventory. If you would like to know more about our Sensor support packages, please contact a member of the sales team who would be happy to assist you. Currently supported products include –

  • Total Air Temperature Sensors for:
    BOEING B747, B737NG, B737 CLASSIC, B757, B767, B777
    AIRBUS A320, A330 and A340
  • Pitot Probes for:
    AIRBUS A319,A320, A321, A330 and A340
    BOEING B737NG, B767 and B777
  • Ice Detectors for:
    AIRBUS A320, A330 and A340
    BOEING B737NG and B777

H&G stock a range of Serviceable and Newly manufactured Fire Extinguishers for the Airbus A320 and Embraer E-Jet family of aircraft. We offer both exchange and outright sale and we can also handle the Overhaul of the core unit within our approved repair vendor network.

As a result of our acquisition of a fleet of BAE125/Hawker 700B aircraft in 2015/16, H&G can offer a complete support package for this popular executive jet with all major LRUs and rotable components available with fresh tags or As Removed. We also offer EFI890 Glass Cockpit and TCAS II w/Change 7.1 upgrades. For a complete capability listing of our current inventory, please contact

  • New OEM FAA8130-3
  • AOG 24/7 for Contract Customers
  • Same day global shipping
  • Exchange available on request
  • Latest Production Standard and Service Bulletins embodied